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Slovak bilingual assessment materials for SLTs when assessing language skills of bilingual & non-English-speaking children with slovak as a home language.

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Description: These Slovak bilingual assessment materials are just one of the assessments from our FLAC  series. [Functional Language Across Countries]. These materials for SLTs to use when they assess the early language skills of bilingual and non-English-speaking children.

These resources were developed and trialled over two years in community clinics in Belfast . The authors have extensive experience in assessment, differential diagnosis and the provision of intervention for children. In recent years this has included children who are bilingual or whose family members speak a language other than English.

Cultural and linguistic adaptations are the result of collaborative working with interpreters employed by the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Interpreting Service who are home-language speakers of the language on which they advised.

Slovak bilingual assessment materials

This consists of a manual, coloured picture book, and forms. There is also extensive background information on the research findings underpinning this approach.

The materials cover vocabulary for a range of language functions and include naming, activity, description and location words, negation and possession; connectivity; and polar and interrogative question forms. Record forms for each section  include receptive and expressive aspects of language and a parent questionnaire.

Stimuli presented to the child by a supporting interpreter are provided in the language under examination. Expected child responses are provided phonemically for user reference. In addition, word-for-word translation of stimuli to English provides information on language structure and content for the non-native speaker.

Aim: To provide a pre-prepared set of materials for use by SLTs who assess the home-language function of children who speak a language other than, or in addition to English.

Age: Language level is a more appropriate guide than chronological age.

The authors have found that both bilingual and monolingual ‘normal language’ preschoolers can complete most of the content of FLAC. Targetted use of the question sections and phonemic information will also yield valuable information with the school aged child.

The materials are suitable for those developing or needing to develop early verbal language skills. Some therapists have found FLAC useful with bilingual adults who have a learning disability.

Florence discusses the unique features of FLAC in this short video.

Format: Adobe pdf133 pages including Purpose & Development 16 pages, Manual 32 pages, Picture Book 43 pages, Forms 31 pages

Available as a download, 18 MB



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