Conjunctions: until, after, while


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This pack aims to develop the use of conjunctions ‘until’, ‘after’ and ‘while’ in oral and written narrative with an extensive range of picture resources and activities.

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Conjunctions, until, after, while is an extensive pack of picture resources to develop the understanding and use of conjunctions in children who have difficulties in maintaining a coherent and sequenced discourse.

The pack consists of four sections: one each for ‘until’, ‘after’ and ‘while’, plus a final consolidation section to encourage combined use of conjunctions in sequences.

Teachers will find the materials a useful differentiation resource for pupils who are struggling to develop story writing skills. Textual support is included.

The pack includes comprehensive and clear instructions.

Aims: To develop the use of  ‘until’, ‘after’ ‘while’ in oral and written narrative.

Additional Targets: The materials supplement and complement Narrative therapy targets.

Age Range: KS2+

Curriculum Targets: Speaking and Listening: English KS2.

Format: PDF file, 91 pages. Available by download, 26 MB or on CD.

Ref: LIP14


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