Speech Perception Assessment (WITSPA) – Online Picture Book

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This resource contains the Word Identification Task: Speech Perception Assessment – WITSPA Online Picture Book ONLY.

It has been designed for both virtual and face-to-face use. It is suitable for screen sharing and can be sent in a 14 day link to up to 5 parents at one time.

To be used in conjunction with the WITSPA record forms

Word Identification Task: Speech Perception Assessment WITSPA  is a graded minimal pair (dyadic/ triadic), picture-based, word identification task suitable for use with children above the age of 3 years. It is a screening protocol that allows the administrator to identify possible areas of identification confusion based upon such parameters as syllable, vowel, consonant (defined by voice, manner, place and word position) and consonant cluster contrasts. It is an acoustically balanced assessment, presenting high, medium and low frequency phones in a variety of word positions. It is designed to be functional and clinically relevant to assess skill in speech perception.

For more information relating to the Word Identification Task: Perception Assessment WITSPA click this link    

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