Causal sentences – Why … because

causal sentences
causal sentences
causal sentences
causal sentences
causal sentences
causal sentences

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A bank of colour illustrated sequences, targeting the understanding of  ‘Why’ questions and the causal connective ‘Because’.

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Why… because provides a bank of colour illustrated sequences, targeting the understanding of ‘Why’ questions and the use of the causal connective ‘because’ to produce two-clause sentences and/or the independent production of causal sentences with visual support.

The understanding and production of causal sentences are essential components in children’s ability to produce explanations and in the development of narrative skills.

The educational importance of explanation means that therapists and teachers frequently need to develop interventions and differentiate resources to target the content and frequency of causal connections.

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Aims: To understand and answer ‘Why?’ questions.

Age Range: Early years – KS1

Curriculum Targets: P Sales; Early Years Foundation stage: KS1 English (Speaking)


  • National Curriculum Key Stage (KS) 1 English (EN3) Writing. Pupils must learn to ‘sequence events and recount them in appropriate detail’.
  • National Curriculum Key Stage (KS) 2 English (EN3) Writing. Pupils must learn ‘the grammar of complex sentences including clauses, phrases and connectives’.
  • Alternative Uses: sequencing skills; supporting simple story writing; predicting

Contents: 6 pages of introduction and instructions, 20 colour pages of 60 (three to a page) scenarios, with black and white duplicates.

Format: PDF file. Available by download, 56.9 MB or on CD.

Ref: LIP8-3


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