Visual Cue Cards – improve attention and listening skills

Visual cue cards
Visual cue cards
Visual cue cards
Visual cue cards
Visual cue cards
Visual cue cards



Visual cue cards to teach the ‘rules’ of good listening; active listening strategies; subject pictures for visual schedules.


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Visual cue cards and picture strips are an essential strategy offered by many Speech and Language Therapists working in a school setting.

Children with speech and language disorders, and/or learning difficulties frequently exhibit poor organisational skills, limited ability to sequence, a lack of awareness of time and poor memory. Visual cues are therefore, a vital tool to support these children in their daily routine.

All cards can be coloured and laminated to increase durability.

The individual cue cards can be presented in a variety of ways. Examples:- a photograph ‘flip’ wallet a hole punched into the corner of each card and placed on a key ring. Pictures may be enlarged or reduced in size to suit the individual child.

Aims: To improve attention and listening skills; to help vocabulary learning and retention; to enable children to complete classroom tasks.

Age Range: 6yrs. – 11yrs. KS1 – KS2.

Curriculum Targets: P scales; KS1/KS2 PSHE.

Format:PDF file, 12 Activity pages and instructions. Available as a download, 1.1 MB or on CD.

Ref: PRAG4


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