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Time is one of the Concepts in Pictures series. The illustrated worksheets make it ideal for teaching a wide range of concepts linked to the National Curriculum, in this case – hours, minutes, seconds. A time vocabulary screening tool is included.

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The vocabulary enrichment activities in this pack, Time, teach concepts linked to the National Curriculum. The pack has illustrations with clear instructions, making them ideal for clinic, home, school and as teaching assistant resources.

The pack also includes a 13 page time vocabulary screening procedure.

This screening tool looks at a wide range of vocabulary and concepts related to time, and may prove helpful in highlighting the specific areas a child is struggling with.

Author: Helen Rippon

Age Range: Foundation Stage – KS 1+, 4years – 7years+.

Curriculum Targets: Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment Scales; P Scales; KS 1 English; Maths.

Aim: Teaches understanding and use of the basic vocabulary of time e.g. hours, minutes, seconds.

Contents: 29 pages of exercises with instructions, 13 page screening tool

Format: PDF file available as a download, 10 MB, or on CD

Ref: CIP1_2


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