Talking About friends: Situational Understanding

situational understanding
situational understanding
situational understanding
situational understanding
situational understanding
situational understanding

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A pack of materials for developing situational understanding and verbal reasoning focussing on relationships with friends.

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Talking About is a series about developing situational understanding & verbal reasoning skills in children. Each pack focuses on a different aspect of the child’s life. The idea originated from Educational Psychologist Marion Nash and has been developed by Helen Rippon, SLT.

This pack concerns relationships with friends.

Children discuss a large picture which shows a situation relevant to their experiences with friends. Examples: rejection; responding to an accident to a friend;bullying.

Four pictures showing different solutions are shown to the group. Some are appropriate, some inappropriate.

Ideal for group discussion particularly, with children having semantic pragmatic difficulties.

Aims: Developing situational understanding and verbal reasoning skills; taking differing views into account; to giving reasons for opinions and actions.

Webster-Stratton et al. in 2004 carried out a control group study in order to investigate the efficacy of intervention for children with behavioural, emotional, and social difficulties, the results of which clearly indicated that training children to manage their emotions resulted in a significant reduction in conduct problems in the home, in the classroom, and with their peers.(1)

Age Range: 5yrs. – 7yrs.+ Reception – KS1+.

Curriculum Targets: P scales; Speaking, Listening, Learning. KS1/KS2 English/ PSHE.

Format: PDF file available as a download, 18MB, or on CD. 44 pages, 8 large pictures, 8 pages of corresponding small pictures in colour; black and white duplicates; instructions and extension activities.

Ref: TA2_3


Reference: (1) Carolyn Webster-Stratton, M. Jamila Reid, and Mary Hammond (2004) ‘Treating children with early onset conduct problems’, Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology 33(1).


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