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Illustrated stories, providing a high frequency of targeted final speech sounds for focused auditory stimulation and sound production work. This pack features /t/ final.

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The Sound Stories series is designed for children who have difficulties with sound production. This pack features /t/ final. Other editions include /f/,/s/,/t/, /k/ initial phonemes, /l/ and /s/ clusters and /f/, /s/,/t/, /k/ final

Each Sound Stories pack contains two attractive and fully illustrated stories, colouring activities and a series of questions which offer high frequency words, featuring a specific phoneme in initial or final position. This pack features /t/ in final position. These can be used for focused auditory stimulation and sound production work.

Teachers will find this product useful to supplement phonics interventions.

The pack consists of:

  1. Three pages of background, introduction and instructions.
  2. Six pages of colour sound stories featuring target sound.
  3. Story one: Gilbert and his piglet: An amusing tale about Gilbert, his great mate Albert and a hungry little piglet!
  4. Story two: The lonely rabbit and his boat: A charming story about a white rabbit who is very lonely living all alone. Discover how an old kite brings a whole boatful of new friends.
  5. Four pages of extension activities comprising a colouring activity and a set of questions and pictures related to each story, all featuring /t/ final
  6. Black and white duplicate stories.

For additional resources which encourage sound production  check out our /t/ Final – Phonological Worksheets. This resource offers a wide range of attractive interactive games and activities which encourage production of the focus sound.

: 4–9 years
Ref: PA16,
Format: PDF file, Available as a download, 22 pages, 10 MB or on CD.


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