/f/ Final Sound Stories, – Stories for sound production

/f/ Final
/f/ Final
/f/ Final
/f/ Final
/f/ Final
/f/ Final

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Illustrated stories, providing a high frequency of targeted final speech sounds for focused auditory stimulation and sound production work. This pack features /f/ final.

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The Sound Stories series is designed for children who have difficulties with sound production. This pack features /f/ final. Other editions include /f/, /s/, /t/, /k/  initial phonemes and /l/ and /s/ clusters.

Each Sound Stories pack contains two attractive and fully illustrated stories, colouring activities and a series of questions which offer high frequency words, featuring a specific phoneme in initial or final position. This pack features /f/ in final position. These can be used for focused auditory stimulation and sound production work.

Teachers will find this product useful to supplement phonics interventions.

The pack consists of:

  1. Three pages of background, introduction and instructions.
  2. Six pages of colour sound stories featuring /f/ final.
    Story one: A Wolf on a Roof! A wolf climbed up a ladder onto a roof but the ladder broke in half and the wolf got stuck. Find out how Olaf the ogre got him off with his scarf in this charming little story.
    Story two: Rudolph gets Tough! Rudloph was feeling rough. He had an earache which made him deaf and every hoof was stiff and sore. Discover how Santa got his stuff delivered in this beautifully illustrated story.
  3. Four pages of extension activities comprising a colouring activity and a set of questions and pictures related to each story, all featuring /f/ final.
  4. Black and white duplicate stories.

Age: 4–9 years

Ref: PA12

Format: PDF file, Available as a download, 22 pages, 10 MB or on CD.


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