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Sound Stories Bundle
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A bundle of illustrated sound stories designed for children who have difficulties with sound production. The stories provide high frequency words, featuring a specific initial phoneme, cluster or final sound. This Sound Stories bundle includes  /f/, /s/, /t/, /k/, /l/ initial phonemes, /s/ and /l/ clusters and /f/, /t/, /s/, /p/ and /k/ final phonemes.

This Sound Stories bundle is designed for children who have difficulties with sound production. It includes the whole series of Black Sheep Press Sound Stories.

Each Sound Stories pack contains two attractive and fully illustrated stories, colouring activities and a series of questions which offer high frequency words, featuring a specific initial or final phoneme or cluster. These can be used for focused auditory stimulation and sound production work. The whole series covers /t/, /k/, /l/, /f/, /s/ initial phonemes, /l/ and /s/ clusters and /f/, /t/, /s/, /p/ and /k/ final phonemes.

The Sound Stories bundle includes :

  1.  /l/ clusters
    Story one: Chloe’s washing day! Chloe had no clean clothes. Her blue blouse was covered in blobs. Her black trousers were covered in flour and even her fluffy gloves were covered in glitter. Find out what happened when her clean clothes blew away.
    Story two: Clive’s clever trick! Clive the clown wore a floppy yellow hat and a flower that squirted water. When Clive ‘s special trick of sliding and flying through the air goes wrong, clever Bill comes up with a plan
  2. /f/ initial
    Story one: Finley The Fish Gets Fit. A story about Finley the fish who needs to eat less fish cakes and get fit. Fortunately for him, Felicity Fantail is on hand to help him feel fit and fabulous.
    Story two: Farmer Philip’s Fence. A story about Farmer Philips and Fergus the fox. Farmer Philips works hard to keep Fergus from his feathery friends, but will his efforts be fruitful?
  3. /s/ initial
    Story one: Sita and Sunil at the seaside – On a sunny Saturday morning in summer Sita and Sunil go to the seaside. They meet a greedy seagull who steals Sunil’s sun hat. With the help of his sandwich Sunil manages to retrieve his hat.
    Story two: Sid the sea monster’s birthday – Sid the sea monster was six years old. Find out how he celebrates in style in this charming little story.
  4. /s/ clusters
    Story one: Stanley Gets Stuck! Stanley wasn’t the speediest of snails –  in fact Stanley was the slowest snail of them all. Learn how Spencer the spider uses his special strong web to spin Stanley out of a sticky mess.
    Story two: Stephan’s Special Snowman! One snowy day, Stephan puts on his spotty scarf and his snuggly coat. Using his spade he builds a snowman, with stick for arms and stones for eyes. Join Stephan and his snowman as they skateboard and skip through their special afternoon together.
  5. /t/ initial
    Story one: The Terrible Tea Party! Tim Toad wants to meet other toads when he moves to Toad Town and so he holds a tea party in his tent. But Tim is a terrible cook – he makes tuna and coffee cakes and turnips on toast. Luckily, Toby Tadpole helps save the day.
    Story two: Two Terrified Teddies! Tanisha owns ten teddies. She takes her two favourite teddies, Tom and Tess with her everywhere. One day, after playing tennis, she leaves them in the park. Find out how Ted Fox helps rescue them using his teeth and a tag!
  6. /k/ Initial
    Story one: Kind King Karl – Kind King Karl throws an amazing party with conjurors, cartoons, cake and candy floss. But… oh no!! Kevin has an accident involving ketchup and cushions …
    Story two: A cold day at the zoo – Karim and Karen cared for all sorts of animals at the zoo. In winter some of the animals got very cold in their cages. Fortunately, Karim and Karen came up with a great idea to keep them warm involving coats, cardigans, caps, curtains and carpets.
  7. /l/ initial
    Story one: Lulu gets lost: Lulu was a lively little dog who lived with Lily and loved long walks. One day Lily left Lulu tied outside the shop. When she came back Lulu was gone – all that was left was her lead! Find out how the pair are reunited in this charming little story.
    Story two: No leaf like home: Lucy ladybird lived on a lovely leaf. One day the wind lifts her leaf into the air and Lucy lands on her back. Join her on her journey to find a new home with the help of Mr Lizard. Will living under a log be safer than living on leaves?
  8. /f/ final
    Story one: A Wolf on a Roof! A wolf climbed up a ladder onto a roof but the ladder broke in half and the wolf got stuck. Find out how Olaf the ogre got him off with his scarf in this charming little story.
    Story two: Rudolph gets Tough! Rudloph was feeling rough. He had an earache which made him deaf and every hoof was stiff and sore. Discover how Santa got his stuff delivered in this beautifully illustrated story.
  9. /k/ final
    Story one: A brave little duck: A heartwarming and beautifully illustrated little story about a very brave duck who comes to the rescue when poor Clarke the shark gets a fish hook stuck in his back.
    Story two: Blake makes a cake: Things do not go quite to plan when Blake tries to bake a birthday cake for his friend Brooke!
  10. /p/ final
    Story one: The very rude sheep!  Meet Pip the sheep who slurps and gulps his favourite food – turnip and parsnip. Find out in this charming tale how Pip’s group of friends stop him burping and hiccupping!
    Story two: Hop! Chip! Chop! Chip loves to hop and he just can’t stop! He hops to the shop for a lollipop and even hops when he eats his soup. Can you guess how Mum helps him – using a telescope?!
  11. /s/ final
    Story one: Alice the fierce princess: Princess Alice is very cross  – she does not want to be nice all the time and wear a frilly dress! Discover how kind King Marcus helps Alice become a fierce princess.
    Story two: Orvis the messy octopus: Meet Orvis the octopus who always looks a mess. Thanks to his friend Wallace , it’s not long before Orvis is looking gorgeous instead!
  12. /t/ final
    Story one: Gilbert and his piglet: An amusing tale about Gilbert, his great mate Albert and a hungry little piglet!
    Story two: The lonely rabbit and his boat: A charming story about a white rabbit who is very lonely living all alone. Discover how an old kite brings a whole boatful of new friends.

To look at each pack in more detail click on the links below.

Teachers will find this product useful to supplement phonics interventions.

Each of the twelve packs consists of:

  1. Three pages of background, introduction and instructions.
  2. Six pages of colour sound stories.
  3. Four pages of extension activities comprising a colouring activity and set of questions related to each story.
  4. Black and white duplicate stories.

Age: 4–9 years

Ref: B7-2

Format: PDF files, Available as a downloads,  or on CD. Each pack contains 20 pages


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