s Initial Speech Sound Worksheets

s Initial Speech Sound
s Initial Speech Sound
s Initial Speech Sound
s Initial Speech Sound
s Initial Speech Sound
s Initial Speech Sound

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s Initial Speech Sound Worksheets are a pack of 24 pages that include:

  • Instructions.
  • 32 pictures that can be cut into cards, with or without labels.
  • Activity sheets for reinforcement at single word level.
  • Graded exercises to encourage phoneme use from easy phrases to conversational level.

For more information see below.

Licence: The price shown is for a site licence which enables you to download the resource on up to 5 PCs/laptops at one place. If you need a shared drive/network licence please contact us : info@blacksheeppress.co.uk

s Initial Speech Sound Worksheets focus on the /s/ sound, in initial position.

Consonant Worksheets offer a wide range of attractive interactive games and activities which encourage production of the focus sound.

All of the activities provide multiple opportunities for the adult to model correct production and for the child to correct their own production of words. Thus the adult uses the pictures and activities to prompt use of the target word/sound.

Our Speech Sound Worksheets are designed to help children exhibiting normal phonological delay. The worksheets have proved highly effective during extensive clinical use and are attractive and stimulating to a wide age range.

Format: PDF file, 24 pages of black and white worksheets. Available as a download, 6.8 MB or on CD.

Age range: 4 years+.

For more guidance on the ages by which children can pronounce individual consonants accurately see Caroline Bowen’s excellent website https://bit.ly/CB-Table4

See: All Speech Sound Worksheets Bundle Offer

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