Recognising emotions KS1/2

Classroom behaviour
situational understanding
developing situational understanding
recognising emotions

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This bundle of products will help children who have difficulties recognising emotions and feelings in others.

This bundle of products will help children who have difficulties recognising emotions and feelings of others.

Inability to recognise other people’s feelings can lead to conflict and impact on the child’s social integration. This is likely to be seen in a child’s behaviour in the classroom and playground.

Pupils may be participating in SEAL and/or PHSE programmes within school but some children may be demonstrating particular problems with the language aspects of social communication. This can effect their learning and social inclusion. These children may also, but not necessarily, have a diagnosis of ASD or Asperger’s Syndrome.

The bundle includes the six packs listed in the box below. Click on the links in the box to view the individual products.

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