Peter and the Cat Narrative Assessment online picture book

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Peter and the Cat interactive picture book has been specifically designed for both virtual and face-to-face assessment of a child’s development of key narrative competencies.

It is suitable for screen sharing and can be sent in a 14 day link to up to 5 parents at one time.

This subscription includes the interactive picture book ONLY.

To be used in conjunction with the Peter and the Cat assessment forms, available from our website.

Available to customers who have purchased the hard copy Peter and the Cat Assessement – simply log in to your account and add this resource to your basket. If you have purchased Peter and the Cat narrative assessment and your details are not recognised on our website please contact us with your order details

This is a monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time. Significant reductions available for staff teams.

This resource includes an illustrated online interactive booklet with 9 full colour pictures illustrating the story of Peter and the Cat.

Peter and the Cat is not a norm-referenced test but a task that yields a descriptive profile of the child’s development of key narrative competencies. The profiling methods and developmental continua bring together understandings of narrative from the literature and from the data collected during our development of the assessment.

Peter and the Cat Narrative Assessment can be used:
1. To develop skills in assessing and profiling narrative skills;
2. To analyse narrative data and plan developmentally appropriate goals;
3. To link goals to individual, group and classroom programmes;
4. To monitor individual and group progress;
5. To integrate speech-language therapy and classroom objectives;
6. To facilitate a collaborative team approach to intervention;
7. For general research e.g. comparison of clinical populations;
8. As a professional development tool.

Peter and the Cat, narrative assessment, was originally published in Australia in 1993 by speech and language pathologists, Leanne Allan and Suze Leitão in collaboration with the teachers and principal of a Language Development Centre in Western Australia.

The narrative assessment is recommended in: Carroll, Bowyer-Crane, Duff, Hulme, Snowling, (2011), Developing Language & Literacy: effective intervention in the early years. Chichester: Wiley.

Age Range:5-9

Technical Stuff:

  • For optimal results use on a PC, laptop of tablet. We do not recommend this product is used on a mobile phone.
  • This is an online picture book so an internet connection is needed when displaying the pictures.
  • This resource is suitable for screen sharing and can be sent in a 14 day link to up to 5 parents at one time.
  • These materials are for the use of ONE Speech and Language/Teaching Professional /Parent and his or her student. ONE account = ONE user. If you would like to purchase this or any other of our digital products for your team, it’s easy. Just email us at and let us know which resources you would like.


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