Which Ones Go Together? – semantic links

semantic links
semantic links
semantic links
semantic links
semantic links

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The ability to make semantic links is an essential skill when developing a functional vocabulary store. ‘Semantics’ refers to the meaning of words and phrases, and how a range of levels of meaning can be attached to one word.

This pack of materials provides an illustrated bank of word associations plus ideas for games and activities for clinic and/or classroom use, and for home programmes. They are also suitable for a range of other therapy and teaching targets, such as: verbal reasoning; introducing the conjunction ‘because’; sequencing and signing practice.

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This pack includes coloured photographic images of objects which can be paired semantically e.g. hand/glove; knife/fork to help children understand the idea of semantic links. A useful information resource for therapists. Eight pages with eight illustrations per page in the form of thirty two picture pairs. Six pages of guidance and activity suggestions. The pack also contains 30 picture pairs of the original black and white line drawings that previously constituted PRAG2 1st edition.

Aims: To help children learn to recognise similarities and differences between common objects; to develop categorisation and early verbal reasoning skills: to understand semantic links.

Additional Targets: Vocabulary development; answering ‘Why’ questions; using conjunctions ‘and’ ‘because’; signing practice.

Suitable for: Ideal for games in one-to-one and small group settings for drill and practice.

Age Range: 3yrs. – 7yrs. Early Years: KS1.

Curriculum Targets: Early Years Foundation Stage; P scales; Speaking, Listening, Learning; KS1 English.

Ref: PRAG2


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