Negation: not+adjective


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Negation: not+adjective is a colourful pack of games and activities aimed at developing understanding and use of negative sentence forms.

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Negation: not+adjective is a colourful pack of games and activities which will enable the adult to model and demonstrate ‘not + adjective’ phrases for children who have language delay. Examples include ‘not cold’. ‘not sad’, and ‘not round’. It also includes ideas and opportunities for the child to begin to use the not/adjective phrase themselves in a fun and functional way.

Ideal for children who require additional support to develop their grammar system, who have delayed or disordered language development or who have English as an additional language.

Clear instructions are included, making them ideal for clinic, school or home programmes. Ideal for one-to-one and group settings for drill and practice.

Aims: To develop understanding and use of the negative sentence form.

Age Range: 3 years – 7 years+.

Curriculum Targets: P scales; KS 1 English.

Contents: 4 pages of background and instructions, 14 pages of colour pictures, 15 pages of duplicate black and white pictures.

Format: PDF file,  Available by download, 16.8 MB or on CD.

Ref: LIP11C-2


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