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This pack promotes basic understanding of the concepts more than, less than and fewer than, essential concepts for early maths skills.

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More-Less-Fewer are essential concepts for early maths skills and therefore, this pack will be particularly useful for therapists and teachers working with children at Foundation Stage.

The pack promotes basic understanding and expression of these concepts with less emphasis on counting and number skills.

The pages are set out as illustrated worksheets, with activities for children to complete. The activities are designed to provide multiple opportunities for reinforcement and repetition regarding the concept in question.

Formal research and anecdotal evidence clearly indicates that increasing numbers of children are entering Foundation Stage with poor language skills. (The Cost to the Nation of Children’s Poor Communication’ ICAN Hartshorne 2006. ( Therefore, many speech and language therapists and teachers are having to provide specific interventions and focused support to address this issue. The understanding and use of concepts is an important area of language development, as knowledge of concepts is essential for a child to be able to understand routines, follow instructions, learn new vocabulary and support literacy and numeracy skills.

Author: Helen Rippon

Age Range: Foundation Stage – KS 1+, 4years – 7years+.

Curriculum Targets: Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment Scales; P Scales; KS1 English; Maths.

Contents: 30 pages, a page of instructions and 29 black and white activity worksheets.

Format: PDF file. Available by download, 11 MB or on CD.

Ref: CIP10


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