Minimal Pairs: Consonant Deletion

Consonant Deletion
Consonant Deletion
Consonant Deletion
Consonant Deletion
Consonant Deletion
Consonant Deletion

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A useful resource bank of colour pictures illustrating common phonological processes, in this case consonant deletion. These packs provide an extensive bank of  colour illustrations which target the most common phonological processes.

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This Minimal Pairs pack focuses on Consonant Deletion: when sounds are omitted from the beginning, middle and/or the end of words.

Examples: ‘car’ = ‘ar’;  ‘house’ = ‘ow’.

Speech and Language therapists use minimal pairs therapy as an essential element of their practice, to develop a child’s awareness of an error pattern in their speech sound system by highlighting the semantic confusion his/her error can cause.

Each pack in our minimal pairs series focuses on a particular phonological process and provides minimal pairs of that particular process.

The pack provides a useful resource bank of pictures illustrating common phonological processes which can be used to make a variety of games and activities to supplement therapy in the clinic, at home or at school.

This second edition is fully revised with colour illustrations and instructions, and additional examples of word pairs and pairs in sentences.

Aim: Use to develop sound awareness skills; help children identify process contrasts, minimal pairs therapy.

Age Range: Foundation Stage – KS 1+, 4years – 7years+.

Curriculum Targets: Letters and sounds; P scale; Early Years Foundation Stage.

Assessment Scales: KS 1 English.

Format: PDF file, 4 pages of instructions, 2 pages of extra pairs and sentences, 17 pages of colour pictures and 17 pages of black and white duplicates, Available as a download, 21.2 MB or on CD.

Ref: PIP3-2

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