Minimal Pairs – Cluster Reduction, l & r blends

cluster reduction l and r
cluster reduction l and r
cluster reduction l and r
cluster reduction l and r
cluster reduction l and r
cluster reduction l and r

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This minimal pairs – cluster reduction, l and r blend pack is useful resource bank of colour pictures illustrating  cluster reduction, l & r blends. Essential resource for working on phonological processes with children up to KS2.

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This Minimal Pairs pack focuses on cluster reduction, l & r blends. Sound clusters are where two or three consonants combine at the front, middle or end of words. For example, ‘spoon’, ‘flower’, ‘string’, ‘basket’ and ‘last’. A child exhibiting cluster reduction will omit one or two consonants from the cluster.

Examples: ‘spider’ = ‘bider’; ‘blue’ = ‘boo’; ‘school’ = ‘kool’; ‘first’ = ‘firt’:

Cluster reduction is very commonly noted as part of delayed speech development.

This pack, cluster reduction l & r blends, contains a comprehensive bank of minimal pairs, which can be used to make games and activities. This second edition is fully revised with colour illustrations and instructions, and additional examples of word pairs and pairs in sentences.

Black Sheep Press produce a whole series of Minimal Pairs packs. A minimal pair is a pair of words, such as ‘tea’ and ‘key’, or ‘four’ and ‘door’, differing only by one sound in the same position in each word. Minimal pair therapies are an essential and common method used by speech and language therapists to correct error patterns in children with delayed or disordered speech development.

Each resource provides an extensive bank of illustrations which target the most common phonological processes of fronting, backing, gliding, stopping consonant deletion, cluster reductions and voiced/voiceless production. For more information on the full range see

Aim: Use to develop sound awareness skills; help children identify process contrasts, minimal pairs therapy.

Age Levels: Foundation Stage – KS 1+, 4years – 7years+.

Curriculum Targets: Letters and sounds; P scale; Early Years Foundation Stage.

Assessment Scales: KS 1 English.

Format: PDF file containing 4 pages of instructions, 1 page of extra pairs and sentences, 19 pages of colour pictures and 19 pages of duplicate black and white pictures. Available as a download, 35.3 MB or on CD.

Ref: PIP5-2

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