Question formation – ‘Let’s Ask Questions’

question formation
question formation
question formation
question formation
question formation
question formation
question formation

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Activities to support early question formation skills for children between the ages of 4 and 7 years.

Practitioners will be aware that, while many resources are available to help children understand questions, far fewer offer activities which develop sentence construction and provide opportunities for the child to practise asking questions in a meaningful way. This ‘Let’s ask questions’ resource offers activities for question formation, to support the modelling and repetition required for children to learn.

The fully illustrated pack is accompanied with clear instructions and ideas for extension activities.

‘Let’s ask questions’ includes:

  • Contrasts between statement and questions.
  • Clear modelling of questions using the model verbs ‘Is … ?’ ‘Will … ?’ and ‘Can … ?’
  • Attractive activities which enable the child to generate his/her own questions.

If children encounter a gap in their knowledge or an ambiguity they are unable to resolve, asking questions enables them to receive targeted information when they need it. This ability to gather information becomes an efficient mechanism for cognitive development.

Asking questions is a development milestone that sets the groundwork for language learning, vocabulary acquisition and complex social interaction. Children exhibiting delayed language development, or those who have developmental language disorder, frequently struggle with the vocabulary and syntactic demands of question formation.

Ref: LIP22

Age: Suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 7 years (Reception- KS1) who have developmental language disorder or delayed language development.

Format: PDF file, Available as a download, 5 pages of instructions, 15 colour activity pages and 15 duplicate black and white pages, 8.8 MB


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