Languageland-speech and language programme

speech and language
speech and language
speech and language
speech and language
speech and language
speech and language

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Languageland is a class based training package for Primary Schools to improve speech and language skills through this speech and language programme. The intention is that a Speech & Language Therapist or similarly experienced individual will train staff by demonstrating the activities and strategies contained in Languageland. There is evidence that when this approach is adopted Languageland improves children’s speech and language skills.

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Developed over seven years through funding by Newcastle-Under-Lyme NHS PCT and Staffordshire LEA. Languageland is a speech and language intervention with a complete programme of resources. Illustrated in colour throughout it aims to improve the speech and language skills of children in Primary Education. Used by both Speech and Language Therapists and Teachers, it takes two differing approaches:

  • For therapists, it provides a detailed training package to support class teachers in adjusting their teaching practice through demonstrated language lessons, and to achieve collaborative practice.
  • For teachers, it is a complete speech & language intervention which provides modified lesson plans for children with speech, language and communication needs that they can be incorporate into existing class planning.

Teachers can integrate the activities into Circle Time or timetable as a ‘stand-alone’ lessons, to target:

  • General interaction/social skills
  • Good listening
  • Sound awareness skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Narrative skills

Languageland has been used extensively throughout Staffordshire LEA and has achieved excellent outcomes (see RCSLT Bulletin May 2003 ‘Let’s go to Languageland’ Angela Wright).

Age range: Nursery – Reception – KS1; 3years – 7years

Curriculum Targets: Early Years Foundation Stage; Speaking, Listening; Letters and Sounds.


  • Instructions
  • Training Sessions
  • Session Plans for Nursery, Reception & KS1 classes
  • Activities
  • Colour Pictures, Black & White Duplicates
  • Advice to Parents
  • Curriculum Links

Format: PDF file, 260 pages. Available by download, 48 MB or on CD.

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