Language Through Listening, Pre-linguistic Skills

pre-linguistic skills
pre-linguistic skills
pre-linguistic skills
pre-linguistic skills
pre-linguistic skills
pre-linguistic skills

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This pack concentrates on the development of  pre-linguistic skills. Eye contact, turn-taking, listening and attention skills are all crucial foundations to the establishment of expressive language. Hence the concentration in this pack on activities that promote the development of these early pre-linguistic skills.

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Language through Listening concentrates on the development of the pre-linguistic skills necessary to expressive language.

Communication between two people starts with looking at each other, listening and attending to the other person and waiting for your turn to respond. These foundations to verbal language are very often delayed in young children, and need putting in place in order to support language development. Young children often have difficulties in one or more of these pre-linguistic areas.

Once early pre-linguistic skills are established the other Black Sheep Press Narrative packs can be used to support expressive language.

Description: A newly revised pack with colour pictures to address poor listening and attention skills in children entering Foundation Stage.

A wide range of activities with clear instructions, picture resources and sample sessions are included.
Can be used in small group or whole class settings by teachers and/or therapists.

Aim: To improve attention and listening skills; to improve eye contact and turn taking; to develop early sound awareness.

Age Range: Foundation Stage, 3 years – 5 years.

Curriculum Targets: Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment Scales; P scales; Letters and Sounds (Phase 1).

Licence: The price shown is for a site licence which enables you to download the resource on up to 5 PCs/laptops at one place. If you need a shared drive/network licence please contact us :

Format: PDF File, 21 pages of instructions, 16 pages of colour pictures, plus duplicate black & white line drawings. Available as a download, 10 MB, or on CD.

Ref: WIG2-2


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