‘It’s on the tip of my tongue’ – Word Finding Activities

Word Finding Activities
Word Finding Activities
Word Finding Activities
Word Finding Activities
Word Finding Activities
Word Finding Activities

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Having a word finding difficulty is when a child knows and understands a particular word, but has problems retrieving it. It’s the feeling that many people recognise … ‘It’s on the tip of my tongue.’

This pack of word finding activities is  highly visual and offers a range of fun and engaging activities designed to improve semantic and phonological processing skills, and includes strategies to assist word retrieval.

Clear instructions and sample ‘scripts’ are included making the pack suitable for parents, speech and language professionals, teachers and support staff to use.

Word finding difficulties in children often occurs in the wider context of a diagnosis of a developmental language disorder (DLD). It can lead to an ongoing impairment which has significant impact on everyday communication, self confidence, educational attainment and long term life chances.

This pack uses a highly visual approach to vocabulary retrieval and storage. The activities are designed to improve semantic and phonological processing skills, including strategies to assist word retrieval.

Although designed for children with word finding difficulties, these word finding activities can also be used with pupils presenting with poorly developed vocabulary levels with no specific language disorder.

The resource has been designed as a programme which can be followed from beginning to end, but can also be used flexibly, i.e. as a selection of activities which can be ‘dipped into’ to meet the needs of specific pupils.

The colorful, fun and engaging session plans include clear instructions and sample ‘scripts’, making them suitable for parents, assistants and support staff to use.

These word finding activities were devised and illustrated by Helen Rippon and based on an original idea from Sarah Parkin. To see resources written by Sarah Parkin check out:  Time for Sounds Nursery and Reception.

Licence: The price shown is for a site licence which enables you to download the resource on up to 5 PCs/laptops at one place. If you need a shared drive/network licence please contact us : info@blacksheeppress.co.uk.


Session 1 provides an Introduction to Word Finding including the messy cupboard activity and the jigsaw pieces and word wheel.

The following seven individual session plans each provide 3 activities to support elements of the word wheel  (eg What does it do? What group does it belong to? Feels like/looks like).

Age: 4-7 years

Ref: WIP9

Format: PDF file, Available as a download or on CD, 124 pages, 18.4 MB

2 pages of introductory text, 8 detailed sessions plans and full instructions (each with 3 or 4 activities and suggestions for extension exercises), 47 pages of colourful illustrations for games and activities, 51 pages of repeat black and white illustrations included for economy of printing,


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