Identifying and Describing – Semantic Skills

semantic skills
semantic skills
semantic skills
semantic skills
semantic skills
semantic skills

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Identifying and Describing is a series of activities and games designed to develop semantic skills in children aged 3 years – 7 years.

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Identifying and Describing is one of a series of resources devised by Felicity Durham, and developed by Helen Rippon. Felicity is a specialist speech and language therapist working in a school. She identified the need for attractive, simple activities in a game format, to develop semantic skills.


  • 3 pages of activity suggestions.
  • 5 pages of clearly illustrated activities & games, some in ‘board game’ format.
  • 1 page of counters and direction cards.


  • To develop semantic skills in young children.
  • To improve the identification and description of objects by function and location.
  • To improve vocabulary development; use of adjectives; attention and listening; social skills; group discussion.

Suitable for: School, clinic, home; Small group & one-to-one settings for drill & practice.

Age Range: 3yrs. – 7yrs. Early Years: KS1 (can be adapted for differing skill levels).

Format: PDF file, 10 pages. Available by download, 258 KB or on CD.

Ref: SS1


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