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This Concepts in Pictures pack, All-Except, contains colour illustrated worksheets with instructions to teach these essential concepts.

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This Concepts in Pictures pack, All-Except, has illustrated colour worksheets with instructions on each page and provides a variety of activities and games to reinforce the basic concept of All-Except. It is therefore ideal for use in clinic, home or school.

Formal research and anecdotal evidence clearly indicates that increasing numbers of children are entering Foundation Stage with poor language skills. (The Cost to the Nation of Children’s Poor Communication’ ICAN Hartshorne 2006.)

Therefore, many speech and language therapists and teachers are having to provide specific interventions and focused support to address this issue.

The Concepts in Pictures series provides packs of worksheets which explicitly teach a wide range of concepts important for language development, as knowledge of concepts is essential for a child to be able to understand routines, follow instructions, learn new vocabulary and support literacy and numeracy skills.

Clear instructions are provided on each page making them ideal for clinic, home and for teaching assistant resources.

Age Range: Foundation Stage – KS 1+, 4years – 7years+

Format: PDF file, 3 pages of introduction and instructions 17 pages of colour pictures and 1 colouring page with black and white duplicates. Available on CD or as a download, 18MB.

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Ref: CIP15-2

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