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A set of resources specially chosen from our catalogue. Designed to support children aged 3 – 5+ develop language and communication skills. Helping with phonics acquisition, skills in listening, understanding story structure, vocabulary, sequences and reasoning, these resources include lots of eye catching illustrations, session plans and activities.

The bundle includes:

Time for Sounds (PA3) This intervention is aimed at younger children and targets development of general listening skills, along with the concepts required to understand and progress in phonics acquisition.

Language through Listening (WIG2) This pack concentrates on the development of  pre-linguistic skills. Eye contact, turn-taking, listening and attention skills are all crucial foundations to the establishment of expressive language.

Fun with Narrative (WIG7) Sets of lesson plans and picture resources which link the Narrative framework to familiar classroom texts.

Two Part Sequences (WIP6)  A pack aimed at improving sequencing skills with fully coloured illustrations. The pack contains 41 two-part sequence picture pairs. Useful for children with SpLD who are experiencing difficulties with sequencing.

Three Part Sequences (WIP1) This pack contains 20 colourful and attractive three part sequences. Suitable for a wide age range and for a variety of therapy and teaching targets. Useful for children with SpLD who are experiencing difficulties with sequencing.

Verbs (Lip1) Verbs, use and understanding, is a pack designed to develop children’s understanding and use of verbs. Attractive and colourful illustrations depict early verbs, providing materials for games and activities.

Prepositions (LIP2) Provides clear and attractive illustrations of early prepositions. An ideal resource to supplement work on understanding and use of prepositions.

Sentence Builder (LIP7) A pack of activities and ideas for children who require a staged approach to develop their understanding of language and their expressive skills

Personal Pronouns: I and Me (LIP15)  Consists of a selection of games, quizzes and activities which provide multiple opportunities for the adult to model and correct, and the children to use, the correct form ‘I’.

Age: Suitable for children Foundation – 3 years – 5+ years

Ref: B9

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