Developing imaginative language

Imaginative Language
Imaginative Language
Imaginative Language
Imaginative Language
Imaginative Language
Imaginative Language

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A 5 product bundle for developing imaginative and non literal language amongst children aged 5-11, KS1/2.

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This bundle of speech and language resources for schools  provides a range of material aimed at developing imaginative language and non literal language in KS1/2. Pupils may be participating in SEAL and/or PHSE programmes within school but some children may be demonstrating particular problems with the language aspects of social communication. This can effect their learning and social inclusion. These children may also, but not necessarily, have a diagnosis of ASD or Asperger’s Syndrome.

This bundle of items is for children who have a very literal understanding of language. This means that they fail to understand phrases such as ‘I blew my top’, or ‘I was falling about laughing’. Such children may also find it difficult to make inferences, that is, to understand information which is implied; they are often unable to draw conclusions about what they have seen, heard or read, and their verbal reasoning skills are limited.

All items except PRAG13, Sarcasm, now IN COLOUR.

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Age:  5-11 years

Ref: B3-3


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Understand Idioms-Speech Bubbles

A multi-task pack designed for children 6 years and upwards, with language delay, specific language impairment and semantic/pragmatic disorder. Its target is to improve question formation; to help understand idioms; to discuss emotions; to develop verbal reasoning skills; to identify homophones.

Age Range: 6yrs. – 11yrs. KS1 – KS2. Particularly useful for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

This popular pack is now in colour! For more information see below.

Think About It - inferencing and reasoning

24 colour pictures and a set of related questions for discussion. It is designed to develop inferencing and reasoning skills in children at Key Stages 1 and 2. Mind mapping strategies for use during the discussions are also described.

The activities provided promote verbal discussion. More able children can be encouraged to record their answers.

For more information see below.

Idioms: People say the funniest things

This new pack offers a structured, visual approach to understanding and using idiomatic language. The stories illustrate both the literal and non literal interpretation of idioms. There are additional exercises on idioms and jokes.

Particularly useful for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and as a differentiation resource. Our resource on Sarcasm, PRAG13 may also be useful for these pupils.

For more information see below.

Sarcasm - useful for pupils with ASD

This pack offers a structured and visual approach to understanding how and why people use sarcasm, and to recognise sarcasm through context and intonation.

This resource will be useful to practitioners working on social communication skills with pupils who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

For more information see below.

Causal sentences - Why ... because

A bank of colour illustrated sequences, targeting the understanding of  'Why' questions and the causal connective 'Because'.

For more information see below.

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