d Initial Speech Sound Worksheets

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Illustrated worksheets to assist children with normal phonological delay to aquire the /d/ sound at the beginning of words.

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d Initial, revised edition, Speech Sound Worksheets comes under the category of ‘alveolar plosives’.

Alveolar plosives: /t/ and /d/.

Alveolar means that the sound is articulated with the tip of the tongue on the alveolar ridge which is placed just behind the top front teeth.

Plosive means that the air is obstructed in the mouth and then released explosively.

These sounds are some of the earliest acquired in typically developing children and are generally being used consistently by the age of 3 years.

Our Speech Sound Worksheets are designed to help children exhibiting normal phonological delay. The worksheets have proved highly effective during extensive clinical use and are attractive and stimulating to a wide age range.

The pack includes:

  • Illustrated word list.
  • Activity sheets for reinforcement at single word level.
  • Graded exercises to encourage phoneme use from easy phrases to conversational level.

Format: PDF file, 2 pages of instructions and 19 pages of black and white worksheets. Available on CD or as a download, 8.2 MB.

Age levels: 4 years – 7 years.

For more guidance on the ages by which children can pronounce individual consonants accurately see Caroline Bowen’s excellent website https://bit.ly/CB-Table4

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