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In full colour, our Concepts in Pictures pack, Either-Or, has beautifully illustrated worksheets with instructions on each page and provides a variety of activities to reinforce understanding and expression.

Either/Or – presents abstract concepts in a lively and meaningful way to promote understanding and use of new vocabulary. It is therefore ideal for use in clinic, home or school.

Most children acquire concepts as part of their normal language development but some will require additional support to assist their understanding and use of concept words. This may be due to a variety of reasons, such as a language delay or disorder, general developmental delay or because the child has English as an additional language.

All concepts are best introduced in ‘real life’ situations –  use the words ‘either’ and ‘or’ during daily routines. For example, while colouring pictures: ‘The monster can have either a blue tail … or a red tail. What do you think?’ Or choosing a book: ‘We could read either the book about the tiger … or the one about the bear.’

This Either/Or resource includes:

Help Josh choose … Josh’s mum says that he can choose a cake from the shop. He can choose either a muffin … or a doughnut. ‘Which one do you think he will choose? Which one would you choose?’

Choose where the creatures live … choose two places where you think the creatures might live

Action games ... choose to do something funny. I have to … either touch my toes … or close my eyes!

Either/or story … what happens when Ben and Jack’s football goes over the wall in to the witches garden?

It is hard to choose! … sometimes it is hard to choose when you can only have one … which would you choose?


Age Range: Foundation Stage – KS 1+, 4years – 7years+.

Format: PDF file, Pack includes: instructions, 16 pages of activities with black and white duplicates. Available as a download 15.6MB, or on CD.

Ref: CIP16-2


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