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Amser, the Welsh version of the Time Concepts in Pictures pack teaches understanding and use of the basic vocabulary of time e.g. hours, minutes, seconds.

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Amser is one of the Concepts in Pictures series which explicitly teach a wide range of concepts linking to the National Curriculum and/or the Basic Concepts section of the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (C.E.L.F.).

Clear instructions are provided on each page making them ideal for clinic, home and/or school for drill and practice.

Age Range:Foundation Stage – KS 1+, 4years – 7years+

Curriculum Targets:Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment Scales; P Scales; KS 1 English; Maths.
Reinforces the basic vocabulary required before children are able to tell the time.
Lots of games and activities that make ideas such as minutes and seconds, meaningful to young children. (Up to KS1)

Format: PDF file, 28 pages. Available as a download, 1.2 MB or on CD.

Ref: CIP1W



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