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Action Words
Action Words
Action Words
Action Words
Action Words
Action Words



This Action Words pack aims to increase the child’s vocabulary of action words. Enabling them to use verbs in sentences through a range of games and worksheets.

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This is a varied pack of games and worksheets to develop understanding and use of action words in small group or one-to-one settings. The activities help children to practice using verbs on their own, in sentences and in short sequences/simple stories.

Aims: To develop a wider vocabulary of action words; to use action words in sentences.

Additional Targets: Supporting early story writing; Narrative therapy; pronouns; general communication skills such as listening, turn taking, and developing confidence.

Age Range: 4 years +, Early Years+

Curriculum Targets: P scales; Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment Scales; KS1 English.

Contents:  54 Pages including full instructions, 21 pages of colour pictures, 19 pages of duplicate black & white line drawings.

Format: PDF file,  Available by download, 27 MB or on CD.

Ref: LIP12-2


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