Speech Sound Worksheets


Speech Sound Worksheets are for use with children exhibiting normal phonological delay.
They have proved highly effective during extensive clinical use. They are attractive and stimulating to a wide age range.

Consonant Worksheet packs include:
1. Illustrated word list.
2. Activity sheets for reinforcement at single word level.
3. Graded exercises to encourage phoneme use from easy phrases to conversational level.
Each pack covers a phoneme in one position i.e. initial, medial or final.
Pack sizes are 10-20 pages.

Phonological Worksheets (PW1-13) have replaced some of the previous Consonant Worksheets. 
They include a wide range of new pictures and activities. These focus on the correction of identified phonemes in particular positions in a word.
Teachers may find them useful to support teaching of individual phonemes.
Each pack includes:-
Extensive instructions which include added suggestions and hints.
An extensive word list.
Sets of minimal pairs of the most common process contrasts.
A bank of labelled pictures.
Graded activity sheets which provide practice of using the identified phoneme from single word level to sentence level.
To correct production of an identified phoneme
Age levels:
Foundation stage/KS1
Curriculum Targets:
Letters and Sounds: P Scales: KS1 English.

For guidance on the ages by which children can pronounce individual consonants accurately see Caroline Bowen's excellent website http://bit.ly/CB-Table4
There are 49 sets of worksheets, the links on the left will help you find what you want.
There is a Special Offer Price if you buy all the Phonological and Consonant Worksheets together, see Special Offers.
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