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'Narrative' for:

  • comprehensive classroom based programmes to improve vocabulary, sentence structure and listening skills
  • ideas and pictures for group sessions
  • narrative assessment benchmarks for children's language

'Language' for:

  • work on receptive and/or expressive language skills
  • an extensive picture bank of nouns, verbs and adjectives to target specific grammatical structures
  • ideas for extending phrase/sentence length
  • listening skills
  • work on auditory memory skills
  • resources to encourage understanding and use of a wide range of basic concepts

'Phonemic awareness' for:

  • targeting individual sounds or blends in initial, medial or final position
  • complete home and/or school programmes with clear instructions
  • work which complements literacy skills
  • an extensive picture bank of minimal pairs for phonological awareness activities

'Pragmatics' for:

  • resources appropriate for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • work on inferencing, verbal reasoning and emotional literacy
  • to develop categorisation, association and descriptive skills
  • visual cues to reinforce appropriate behaviour, self help & organisational skills
  • resources to encourage role play and situational understanding

The items illustrated below are examples of some of those specifically aimed at schools, they are also shown in other sections of the site.

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