Licence/Copyright Policies


The licensee, that is, the purchaser named on the disc (if supplied), on the invoice and at the bottom of each page, may copy the files on to the hard drive of up to FIVE computers (including laptops/tablets) on ONE SITE. Worksheets can be printed as required from these computers, and/or hard copies can be made for use as photocopy originals for use by staff at the licenced site only.

The worksheets can only be printed or photocopied by the licensee; we ask that you purchase material for each clinic/school. If you wish to clarify these conditions or enquire about multiple licences/orders please give us a ring.

If therapists/pathologists are working in schools they can provide worksheets for the individual children they are treating. If schools want to use worksheets with other pupils or as a small group/class approach, they must buy their own sets of materials.

The licensee may make one backup copy of the disc, providing the backup copy is not installed or used on any other computer, except as a replacement for lost or damaged files.

No images or text may be digitally modified without permission.

Black Sheep Press Ltd are the sole distributors of the worksheets displayed on this site. Apple App Store are the distributers of our apps. If you see our products advertised for sale anywhere else they have been pirated.

The Citizens Advice Bureau have a useful piece on selling & buying pirated material, 

The internet - using other people's material.

If you have been sold pirated material, try and get your money back and buy the real thing!

"If a trade or business deliberately copies someone else's material this is called copyright piracy. This is a criminal offence punishable by unlimited fines and up to ten years’ imprisonment."
Copyright © 2015 Citizen's Advice, quoted from the Citizen's Advice web page mentioned above. 

Copyright © 2015 Black Sheep Press Ltd.

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