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Published: 5th December 2013


It seems a long time since I last posted a blog, but like everyone else out there in speech and language therapy land, I’ve had my head down, working through the long stretch between the end of the summer holidays and Christmas.

Our department has had its usual October ‘surge’ of referrals which seems to have lasted until December so we’ve had lots of initial assessments to get through!

Black Sheep Press has been busy too, with some exciting projects in development. One of these projects has now been published and some of you may have seen the article in the last edition of the RCSLT Bulletin, about the new language assessment resources to be used with Polish speaking children. Future editions for many other languages are planned, so I am sure that this will be a popular and essential resource for many services. Keep an eye on the website for subsequent languages being added.

I devised our latest item, LIP15 Personal Pronouns: I and Me, after seeing an increasing number of older children ( 4 years+) who continue to use the immature form of personal pronoun ‘I’. 'Me want that.' 'Me do it.'

It’s notoriously difficult to tackle, as when adults try to model the correct form, the referents change.('Me like pizza.’ 'No! I like pizza.’ 'Yes. Me like pizza too.')

I have found that the best way to correct this is to model it in turn taking games, so this new resource provides lots of fun and engaging activities which allow high levels of modelling and repetition of the correct use of ‘I’. 

We already have new ideas for next year including a new addition to our ‘Talking about’ series and a social responses pack.

So, finally, everyone at Black Sheep Press would like to wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and  look forward to another year of exciting new materials to help you through your therapy and teaching.


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